Singer and songwriter Doug Shorts has been singing since the late 60s, and withholds a bounty of amazing material that he’s written over the past 40 years. He began singing in his early teens with harmony groups such as The Visitors, Shades of Brown, and The James Clark Band. He released several records on his own labels with his funk outfit Masterplan Inc. Doug Shorts’ vocal style reflects a distinct Chicago flavor, as he sings smooth, polished, and deeply soulful songs in the style of local favorites Curtis Mayfield and Lenny Williams.


Tony Ozier has a distinct original sound that exudes Funk in all its forms. A Texas native, he followed family tradition and began playing drums in the church, eventually mastering the instrument, along with the bass and piano. He released his first album in 2006, and continuously toured with his band DooDoo Funk Allstars, leading him to reside in Portland. He continues to work as a recording engineer and produce for other artists such as his current project with SlimKid3 of the hip-hop group The Pharcyde. For digital mp3s and more music, please visit:   


Chicago’s own up and coming producer/songwriter Cermakk has been creating original songs and beats since the 90s. His new sound digs into a modern R&B sound with a late 80s/early 90s vibe, which caught the ears of executives at Cherries Records, and created his first official production appearance on vinyl.


Before AMALIA became ‘The First Lady of Modern Funk’, she was session singing, writing tv jingles, and blowing up speakers at jazz festivals in Vancouver and across Canada. Inspiration came from her British father’s massive record collection, her Filipina mother’s love for cooking, and a multitude of books on activism & art.   Now residing in Stockholm, Sweden, AMALIA has been nominated for several awards including Best Contemporary Jazz Artist and Best Electronic Artist for her work with the band SEKOYA. She continues to create new, innovative music, traveling around the planet spreading the modern funk movement with her live performances. For digital mp3s and more music, please visit:


“I have a bit of genuine nostalgia for that period of music,” BENJAMIN muses wistfully, helping illuminate the audacious Jheri curl uptopianism of his formidable debut. Although, funk is just one color in this shining star’s musical palette. BENJAMIN also plays guitar and sings in Chicago Stone Lightning Band, a heavy blues rock affair who recently released an eponymous LP.  He is also a founder of Chicago’s northern soul music staple Windy City Soul Club. This broad scope of activity rests in solid foundation as BENJAMIN is from a family of pros. His mother’s opera career ran from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, while his father played piano on Terry Callier’s timeless 1972 LP Occasional Rain, as well as alongside leading lights of Chicago soul such as Charles Stephney and Minnie Ripperton. Stay tuned as this release is just a brief glimpse into the deep musical vaults of BENJAMIN.


With his electro inspired brand of soulful funk, Proh Mic has established himself as an artist with a distinct sensibility for the lost art of making music. The offspring of Brion James, guitarist from the 80’s funk rock band The Dan Reed Network, Proh Mic recognized his genetic inheritance at an early age which took him on a journey beginning with years of training in piano, violin, percussions rhythms and keys, all featured heavily in his production today. Formerly of hip hop/soul group Hawthorne Headhunters, he has also worked with past greats such as hip hop legends X-Clan & The Pharcyde, to emerging future greats such as Dam Funk.


With influences from the different cities of LA, San Francisco, and Seattle, the Social Lovers (DJ Matty P, Megan Doherty, Joe Nunez, Chris Letson and Ryan Doherty) are taking over the West Coast with their unique, underground sound.  After meeting in high school back in 2005 where they were heavily influenced by the sounds of bossa nova, disco, funk, and soft rock, they all picked up their gear and bags towards the land of women, weed and weather, and created their signature ‘street funk with a splash of class’.


Cherries Records is a Chicago bred record label founded in 2012 devoted to releasing a fresh alternative sound in modern funk & r&b music.



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